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Things to do while you’re home because of covid-19

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

  1. Cook & Bake. Experiment with new recipes.

  2. Read books/write stories. 

  3. Clean your apartment.

  4.  Research your favorite topics.

  5. Start a show on Netflix. 

  6. Talk to people; solve any problems you’ve been putting off. Deal with family matters if you have any.

  7. Make plans/organize your life for when the pandemic ends. 

  8. Follow YouTube videos for home workouts. 

  9. Update your music lists.

  10.  If you use social media for work take time to get creative there.

  11. Organize your desk/closets etc.

  12. Buy plants and take care of your garden. 

  13. Throw away things you don’t need.

  14. Meditate.

  15. Play with your pets (if you have any.) Teach them a new trick.

  16. If you can go out, walk in nature alone/practice photography.

  17. Go hiking.

  18.  Wash your car if you have one.

  19. Practice a new hobby like knitting. 🧶

  20. Play video games.

  21. Learn a new language.

Stay hopeful and protect yourself and the elderly <3


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