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Snowday - VIDEO

Updated: Sep 13

Today I woke up snowed in. Coming from Greece, we barely get snow in the city (maybe once every 5 years ), and it's definitely not a lot. The pandemic continues to make it challenging to see your friends and have fun. So today, I had some fun by myself in the snow.

In this video, you can watch me build a snowman. Or a snow ghost... You decide, hehe.

But remember, the point of the video is not to watch me build a snowman... It's to share a memory that I captured where I was genuinely happy spending time by myself in nature. One of the most important things I have learned to appreciate in my seven years in the U.S. is the power of being alone. This is my last semester, and one of my goals is to make every moment worth it. So here it is... Enjoy!

P.S. I had to upload the video on Youtube because the file was too big to upload here. However, do not expect me to make videos from now on. This was a one-time-off that I had fun making. The video was taken with my phone (as you will see), and it has been edited very mildly with some commentary, but this is not a professional video.


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