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Realizations on Dreaming - Not what you think

Stream of consciousness ~ life ~ growth in 2020

This will be a short, bizarre blog post, but I believe it’ll have some value if you think about it.

A couple of days ago, at night, I went to sleep like billions of other people do every day, and I had a dream...

Again, so far, everything is very normal. Until...

I was dreaming of a night out with my friends when suddenly in the dream I realized that I’m going to wake up. And not only that, but I specifically realized that the amazing moment I was having with my friends in my dream will never be repeated again. So while I was waking up, I tried to cherish this last moment in the dream because despite knowing that it was just a dream, it made me happy.

You may be one of those people who can go back to sleep and continue the dream (I've done that myself), but even then, the specific moment that you experienced before is gone... Just like in life, we can't travel to the past, no matter how beautiful that might have been. I think that this comes to show that appreciating something in life or even in a dream matters. This is not something new, but what struck me was that I was able to go through this process while sleeping and enjoy every minute of that dream before I woke up. And surprisingly, I'm terrible at doing that in life. But one trick I've practiced lately is instead of worrying that eventually (whatever awesome thing I'm experiencing will end), I stop thinking about it because I can't change the time it ends, but I can change all the time I have before it ends. That's one of the things that are easy to say hard to do. But given all the time we have in 2020, we might as well practice and meditate some of those more meaningful ways of enjoying life and worrying less.

So, if you have some bad days because of Covid-19 or any of the other "wonderful stuff" that 2020 has brought, know that while things may not be identical, you're not alone. Some people will still be here with you and have your back. These are the people that will make every moment in your life count even if it's through a screen for some time.

And if you have gone through all the lists of things you can do to stay productive or entertain yourself while in quarantine, I suggest you start working on some of the harder things such as your outlook in life, what you value in people, how you can make someone smile, what your actions have taught you through the years, as well as what you should keep vs. what you should stop doing moving forward. This can still be a year of significant growth. And that growth is not by being outside and experiencing life like you normally do but by growing internally!


P.S. Blog dedicated to my best friends who I love tons!

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