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Updated: Sep 13, 2021


Deserted streets.

Empty seats.

Lonely people.

Sick season.

No food.

Bad mood.

Blossom trees.

Light breeze.

Clear skies.

Hopeful eyes.

Helping hand.

Fertile land.

Take a breath.

Just one more breath.

There is life even in death.


I wrote this poem in March of 2020 after I recovered from Covid-19. I felt it was appropriate to post now as we are approaching the end of the pandemic, and I recall all the struggles we faced. Despite the numerous losses, we prevailed...

The poem's title symbolizes three things: the last breath of those who lost the battle with covid, the planet's "breath" with the reduction of human emissions, and also the metaphorical lack of breath we faced as we had to quarantine in our homes.

The poem is also meant to be read in one breath to make the reader "feel" and understand the struggle for air until he/she breathes in the end with relief.

The first stanza describes the difficulty people faced during the pandemic. The second stanza describes the "breath" that the environment was able to take.

The last stanza leaves a hopeful ending for those who still suffer from the consequences of Covid-19.

Dedicated to everyone who survived from Covid-19, to all of those who lost a loved one, and to those who worked tirelessly to end it.


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