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More Hikes - Harper's Ferry, Greenbrier State Park & Cunningham Falls

This is a blog about my latest hikes in Maryland and what to expect.

I took this picture at Greenbrier State Park

Harper's Ferry: is a small town in West Virginia that offers its visitors scenic views, small shops, and restaurants, as well as different trails for hiking. There is something for every age group, but the area is very crowded. Parking is impossible on weekends whether you go at 9 am or 2 pm. But if you get lucky with parking, it's worth a visit.

Greenbrier State Park: a beautiful natural escape with few crowds and different trails. I took the Big Red Trail and enjoyed solitary views. The trail is well-marked and circles back to the parking lot and main area. There is also plenty of space for a picnic in the sand or fishing and canoeing in Greenbrier lake. The area has easy parking at all times, and on a sunny day, you can get some beautiful pictures.

Cunningham Falls State Park: is located at Catoctin Mountain and offers crowded but rewarding hikes suitable for experienced climbers and inexperienced hikers. I followed the blue sign to the waterfall, and then from there, I climbed the rocks to the top. The trails are very easy to locate and have some great climbing opportunities. You also get a view of the waterfall at all times while climbing but be careful because certain areas and rocks are slippery. For climbing, hiking shoes are recommended; be prepared for a challenge. I highly recommend this hike if you want more than a walk! I would rate this hike on my top three from all the hikes I've done in Maryland.



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