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It's Easier to Clean than you Thought.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

In this blog, I'm going to share tips on how to keep your space clean with minimal effort. Having a clean and organized space where you can work and feel comfortable makes a big difference in your psychology. It also minimizes stress when you have visitors. And given the time of covid-19 is very relevant too. A one min. read.

Here are some tips on cleaning quickly and effectively:

1. Have at your disposal, Clorox wipes, paper tissue, a cleaning spray, a vacuum, and a toilet cleaner. That's really all you need when you don't intend to do a deep cleaning but still want a spotless house. #CheapBasics

2. Every time you finish cooking and have stained the counter, wipe it instantly. This way, your kitchen is never dirty, it doesn't smell, and it takes less effort because when the stain is fresh it comes off easier.

3. Make it a habit to vacuum the floor when you're waiting for food to cook, or while you're trying to memorize something for school. That results in minimum waste of time.

4. When you throw the bathroom trash, clean the toilet seat/bowl too.

5. Put away dirty clothes and organize your desk to make it easy to wipe something if it falls on the floor.

6. If you want to clean less, do not wear shoes inside the house.

7. Baking soda is amazing for eliminating odors.

8. After you clean, you have to wash your hands, so you might as well grab a dish and wash that too.

Once a month, do a deep clean. It'll be easy to do if you follow the steps above on a daily basis.

Once a year, go above and beyond and disinfect doorknobs now might be a good time.

Need more advice, message me : )


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