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I Nailed it!

This blog is about home renovation and empowering women.

If you've read my Facebook post, you know that a couple of days ago, I decided to renovate my home. Living alone in the States, I had to assemble a couch, dining chairs, and a table for the first time. I went through excitement while opening the box, fear as I spread the parts on the floor, frustration as I tried to understand the instructions and pick the right screwdriver, concentration and physical exhaustion as I lifted the final product, and an incredible sense of accomplishment as I looked at the final product.

Here are some tips on furniture assembly if you're alone:

1. Read the instructions! Then read them again! Look at the pictures for more than 5 secs.

2. Okay, if you're still struggling, go to the website of the furniture you bought and read the reviews. Seriously, people share assembly tips there.

3. Try things out and see what works.

4. If something is supposed to go there and it's not cooperating, use more power.

5. When lifting furniture alone, try to distribute the weight equally in your body, try to drag until you have to lift, and when placing it, use the force from the motion of your body to help you.

Here are some tips and ideas on home decor and comfort:

1. Decide on some basic colors for your home and buy the main things in those colors (such as tables, couches, chairs, and rugs.) Everything else can have different colors, but establish a base so that there is some consistency in the room. This way, you can't go wrong and you avoid making the apartment look like a carnival. Earth tones are the safest and can be very elegant.

2. Buy things that will make your life easy. Comfortable chairs, couches, and pillows that you'll want to read for hours.

3. When buying accessories, you don't have to spend a ton of money. Amazon, Michaels, as well as local neighborhood stores, have items that you can mix and match to create your home.

4. Small details can make a big difference. Art is a great way to give life to your walls.

5. Use nice boxes to keep everything organized and categorize items; having a specific place for everything makes life easy.

Finally, to all the women out there trying to do things alone, don't give up.

Women Power

Tall, short, big, and small,

we can do it all.

Brown, black, red, or blonde,

we go above and beyond.

Curly, wavy, thick, delicate, and straight,

a better world we'll create.

Asian, Latino, black, and white

all together we fight.

Happy International Women's Day!

There are so many great women; these are just a few of many examples. Message me your heroines.

P.S. There are some awesome nonprofits here in D.C. doing work to empower women. If you want more info. contact me.


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