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How to Stay Fit & Satisfy your Cravings

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I promise to do my best to answer your questions about how I stay fit & enjoy sweets.

You all know I swear by desserts, ice-cream, chocolates, cookies, cakes you name it! They're part of my everyday life and have always been. The secret lies behind the choices I make.

Let me start by saying that I prefer to eat small meals many times during the day as opposed to three big meals. What that does for me is it allows me to satisfy my craves all day long and never go hungry. I always keep dark chocolate at home and that is my first choice when I want something sweet. You have to try really hard to gain weight on dark chocolate.

But let's be real, sometimes you need more than just dark chocolate. In those instances, you can go with the second option which is to make a healthy dessert yourself. There are so many recipes on the internet that use fruits, honey and more as sugar substitutes. If you want to experiment and enjoy baking, try them. Even if you eat half a banana cake; it won't be as bad as you think. Sometimes, I make a sugar-free, gluten-free banana cake and finish it in three days. It's light, easy to digest and relatively "healthy."

Now for the real dessert days...

The days I need fatty, sugary desserts, I try to make sure I eat a healthy lunch and dinner to balance it out. So If I know I'll eat a massive slice of chocolate cake in the afternoon, I'll have eggs for breakfast with no bread, chicken, and broccoli for lunch and cherry tomatoes and turkey for dinner. There are times I have a huge craving for ice-cream, if that's the case instead of suppressing it, I'll eat the entire thing and that'll keep me from craving it for at least two months.

In terms of workout, I practice martial arts but not as much as I would like. Since I started my Masters, I'm constantly on the road for interviews and other assignments. I also work three jobs, so it can get hectic. However, I always make sure (as silly as it sounds) to do one workout/exercise for 5 min. It could be 30 abs, 10 push-ups, a couple of handstands, anything. While it does nothing at the start, it makes a big difference in the long run.

This might not work for everyone. Honestly, I'm constantly on my feet; I never spend long amounts of time sitting. I think the takeaway here is caring for yourself in a way that makes you feel happy. There is no reason to restrict yourself from things. It's all about balance, control and rewarding yourself. A girl once told me she bought clothes she loved a size smaller and that motivated her. I don't know if I endorse this advice, but I'm putting it here in case it helps anyone.

And Bonus!

Here is my healthy banana pancake recipe. Total time 10 min.


- Half cup gluten-free flour

- 2 teaspoons of baking powder

- Pinch of salt

- Tablespoon olive oil

- Teaspoon vanilla

- One egg

- 1/3 cup almond milk, soy, or regular milk. (This one is tricky I use my eye to estimate sometimes depending on how the consistency of the mixture.)

- One banana smashed.


In a bowl combine the flour, baking powder and salt and mix them. Then add the olive oil, vanilla, egg, and milk and mix them again. Finally, add the banana and mix it all together. No mixer needed. Fry on a pan with unsalted butter. Use a full tablespoon to get a good pancake size.

Enjoy the pancakes with a spread of delicious The Bee Bros or anything else you want! This recipe is super light & has no sugar!

 P.S. This blog is not sponsored by Bee Bros. I love the company’s ethics and products as an alternative to unhealthy desserts.


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