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Happy Birthday to Me, Myself and I And to all the Libras out There!

Picture by Raychan.

A note on birthdays, I don’t think that everything becomes extra special when someone has a birthday but I do think it gives you an excuse to feel that way. Of course, what is different is that you receive a lot of gifts than you normally would on any other day. Maybe you eat a lot of sweets too. I used to think that my birthday needs to be celebrated “on the day” and be a big deal. I mean, after all, it is the day I was born LOL.

But, being away from home, I learned that “my birthday” is every day I get to see the people I love. So to everyone who might be sad this year because you don’t get to be with your loved ones on your birthday, remember that any day can be your birthday.

Below a short poem dedicated to all the people I miss:

This year, I hope to travel more,

for the world is a place to explore.

Next year, I hope you’re here

and we can celebrate and cheer.

In 77 years, I hope I see 100 candles on my cake,

And I’m retiring somewhere near a lake.

But today is my birthday, so it’s time to bake.

And finally two weeks ago, I interviewed an 103-year-old woman at an event. Her birthday is also today and she gave me a simple advice: “Follow your dreams.”

And that's what I'm planning to do and so should you!


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