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From some Photographs to a Poem

I wasn't planning on having any poetry here but since this blog is a creative space for self-expression, entertainment and advice I decided to post some poetry. This poem was inspired by a school assignment that I had for my photography class. For those who don't know, being a journalism student without prior work experience posed a challenge for me: I had never touched professional equipment before. After a week of getting familiar with camera basics, I photographed a well-known park in Friendship Heights , a neighborhood in Maryland. These pictures were accompanied by a story and captions that I did for my class. My class assignment will not be posted here. Instead, I'm posting a poem that I wrote about the park inspired from this assignment. The poem has information that I got from people I interviewed in real life. All pictures posted here are mine. This is short, fun and informational (in case you ever visit the park and care to know why people like it.)

Friendships Heights Park, a place for residents to connect.

Some walk through on their way to work.

They love the scenery but have no time to stop.

Others stay to listen to the sound of the water,

or enjoy the shade with their daughter.

"I come here to eat lunch during my work break", Ashley will say.

It’s been six years and I love it more everyday.

Have you been to Friendships Heights park?

The bronze statue is always lighted in the dark.

Meet the security guard if you want a high five.

He is always there keeping the neighborhood alive.

They call him the mystery man.

He has a special  plan.

Friendship Heights Park, a place for residents to connect.


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