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Fast - Healthy/Vegan Oatmeal Recipe!

An easy recipe that will fill you up, has protein, and tastes delicious!

5 Ingredients ~

Almond milk or Oat milk or Soy milk: one glass.

Oats: 5 tablespoons - depends on how thick you want it.

Vanilla in powder form: one serving.

Peanut Butter - try to use a sugar-free one or brown sugar one: one teaspoon full.

Cinnamon: as much as you like.


1. Pour one glass of almond milk on a small pot on medium heat.

2. Throw powdered vanilla, stir and let it warm ~ 3 min.

3. After the milk has warmed up (before boiling point) start throwing the oats.

4. Stir the oats, wait 1 min. add the peanut butter and lower the heat.

5. Wait another 2 min. or until everything becomes more solid. Again it depends on how thick you want it. Serve on a bowl, add cinnamon, mix and enjoy!


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