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Do You See What I See?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

This is a reflection on my trip to the National Gallery of Art (mainly the modern section). To start off, I think that we can all agree that modern art is unique because it allows for many interpretations. Whether you’re a fan or not, every time you look at a painting your mind dives into an imaginary world of possible explanations.

In this blog, I do not mean to offend anyone, but rather express my thoughts. I also aim to make you laugh and give a satirical tone to the piece.

Before I start, I would like to say that the National Gallery of Art section with the older art is worth a visit. My favorite painting is Dali’s, La Persistencia De La Memoria. The painting itself is not breathtaking, but I personally find a connection with it due to the relationship it has with time. Dali is one of my favorite painters for the feelings that he evokes to the viewers with his paintings. I may do another blog discussing the reasons behind my favorite paintings. Regardless, there are many old paintings to see in that section of the museum ranging from beautiful Monet landscapes to detailed, realistic Rembrandt portraits. I have a thing for landscapes so I definitely enjoyed those the most. I really loved the “Niagara Falls” painting by Frederic Edwin Church. Lastly, as you move from the old to the new, make sure you take the starry path to the future (which is a lighted moving stairway that takes you to the modern section of the museum).

P.S. If you really want to visit a museum that takes modern art to a different level and it’s one of my favorite museums, go to the MoMa in NY.

Now, if you find yourself in the modern section of the National Gallery of Art make sure you see Alexander Calder’s mobiles. The hanging sculptures of all sizes remind you of constellations. Despite being abstract, they give a sense of togetherness. The colors complete each other against the metal structures and they’re visually appealing to the eye.

I also liked Matisse’s painting: “Open Window” because of the color combination that merges the interior with the exterior. My interpretation of it is that since all of us see something different when we open our window the resemblance of an almost incomplete landscape allows for one to decide what he/she/they see outside.

Finally, Newman’s abstract expressionism gave a sense of peace and relaxation. The series of white and beige paintings that he has created are supposed to have a religious meaning. While that was not necessarily how I saw it, I felt serene and could imagine a dove flying around the room (I’m also extremely creative).

I think that it’s also worthy to mention a painting called: “The Swimmer” by Lerner. While not my favorite, I did appreciate the relationship between the swimmer and the water that the artist tried to convey. As a “retired” swimmer, sometimes every stroke is a struggle. Every motion in the water changes not only the water’s complexion but also how the swimmer feels. I do think you have to be a swimmer to appreciate this painting.

To end, I do not intend to make you laugh per se, but here you go:

For cloths and cupboard designs, head to IKEA (they have more variety there.) For color splashes on a canvas head to a kindergarten class (kids are very creative there as well).

For a canvas with a single color, I’m happy to paint that for you.


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