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Baltimore & Patapsco Valley State Park

This blog aims to break the Baltimore stereotype and inform you about one of the best parks in Maryland.

Baltimore has a reputation for crime and shootings (or, at the minimum, there is misinformation about the area). However, located just an hour away from D.C., it offers a lively getaway even during covid times.

On a sunny day, you can enjoy a walk on the harbor or try one of the many restaurants; there are plenty of cuisines to pick from.

If you would rather grab a coffee and chill, try Vagrant coffee.

If you want a fulfilling brunch, the most popular brunch place (meaning on a weekend there is a three or more hour waiting line at all times) is called Blue Moon Cafe. And yes, it's worth it. They have unique brunch dishes, both sweet and savory so go with an appetite.

And for nature lovers and adventurers... Just 20 min. from Baltimore, you will find a nature oasis... Patapsco Valley State Park. The park is beautiful, with plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy. It also has over 70 hiking trails for all levels, so plan accordingly. Because of the size of the park, you can find solitary trails with gorgeous views. Please note that to enter the park, there is a small fee ($3 per person).


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