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All The News in a Museum...

As you enter the Newseum you’re immersed into the world of information. 

P.S. Go to the Newseum bathroom... It's interesting...

Outside of the Newseum you can read the current front pages of newspapers around the world. 

The Newseum suggests to start your tour by going on the lower level and taking the glass elevator to the top. That will give you a unique view of the museum and you'll see some of the exhibitions it has to offer. If you don’t have enough time to view everything, I recommend the Pulitzer Price photography exhibition, the countries' freedom of the press board, the TV shows exhibition and the ethical dilemmas.

If you’re up for some fun go “pretend” to be a journalist by grabbing a mic and broadcasting on the topic of your choice. This interactive section of the museum allows for some comic relief if you have good friends.

P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy the terrace view from the top. 

Unfortunately, it’s closing this December, so go because it’s worth it! And before you go read the First Amendment again. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t know it.


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