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A Tribute to Nature - A Wholesome Piece

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73 days and 5 canceled flights... That's how long I was in quarantine in Maryland until a flight to Greece finally departed.

I've been used to having a busy schedule, but like everyone else when the virus hit, the only thing I had left was my online classes and my online internship. Until those ended too...

Then there was one thing left, one thing that's always been there, but perhaps I didn't care to pay too much attention to - nature.

Don't get me wrong; growing up in Greece, I've always appreciated the sea, the animals running free on the villages, the beautiful sunsets...

But this time, there was something different about nature. It was my only company, the one place I could breathe, feel safe, feel wanted. It got me through three months of quarantine.

The sound of the stream, the shade of the trees, the colors of the flowers, and the chirping of the birds all working together to create the perfect harmony. Something to ease your pain.

With my phone, I captured the beauty of nature, and I learned about birds of all colors and shapes. I watched the Pileated Woodpecker in action, the Blue Jay spreading his wings and the cardinals chasing each other. I felt the sun hitting my face while sitting on the grass and looking at the sky.

I'm not a photographer, but I developed an appreciation for life - for what's alive.

Some of the pictures are in a new Instagram account dedicated to nature and called: @naturephotojournalist

While soon everything will go back to normal, this quarantine changed me in a way I'll never forget. I found a new home in nature, and I hope that you do too.

Quote of the day: Protect what's keeping you alive.


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